Estimating, Feasibility Studies & Cost Planning 

Be it home renovations, building a new house or building a retirement village, repairing a leaky building or block of apartments, we will provide you with a preliminary estimate to enable you to see if the designs you have had done are going to be possible within your budget, helping you to work out if there are other ways you can achieve your goal, be it to increase funding, modify your requirements.  As the project gets more clearly defined, we can provide more robust estimates to help you. 


We can assist in project feasibility in preparing project feasibility studies by preparing overall project costs from base concepts and work closely with clients to provide realistic overall project costs. 

Tender Evaluation and Recommendations 

Working closely with our clients, be it the builder on a project or the client commissioning the work, we provide tender evaluation services assessing all tenders received, summarizing the tenders with differences in each and making an overall recommendation on which tender is most closely aligned to your project.   Your project may require a Schedule of Quantities that would be completed during this process. 

Client Representation 

We provide independent client representation on projects, be it small or large and can provide review/s of a project as it progresses through its lifecycle.  This may include the production of Contract Documentation and/or Contractor Appointment. 

Cost Management/Contract Administration for Project Lifecycle  

As the project moves into the construction phase our experience in Cost Management of projects becomes a key to managing the cost of your project throughout this phase.  

We will provide independent advice on contract variations and assist you to negotiate these and will continue to manage the costs and keep you informed throughout the construction phase.  Depending on the size of your project, it may include monthly financial reporting and progress claims assessment and authorization. 


Bank Drawdowns 

Our team are experienced at providing bank funding representation and Drawdown services if required.  Comprehensive reports detailing progress to date, forecast cost to complete and certification of claims.  Highlighting significant risks to the project as they become apparent. 


Insurance Services 

Loss Assessment  

We are experienced at working for both the insurance company or the insured when the unthinkable happens and you need representation and cost estimating/negotiating to complete the repair/rebuild.  We have negotiated settlements for clients and equally we have worked for the insurers negotiating settlements on their behalf. 

Reinstatement Valuations 

Provision of cost valuations to reinstate your home/building/apartment block for insurance purposes. 


Leaky Building Expert Witness 

One of our directors is highly experienced as an expert witness for leady building issues.  He has worked on behalf of the claimants in some cases and in other cases on behalf of the defendants.  He works from the initial stages all the way through cost managing the repairs of projects, some have been very large and lengthy, both through the legal process and construction phase.