Meet the team

Paul Ranum - Director

A trusted and reputable Director and Registered Quantity Surveyor who has been working in the local and international construction industry since 1980.

With broad and practical knowledge around quantity surveying principals, Paul's wide range experience has allowed him to work with a varying number of clients and industries. Some including ANZ / National Bank, Housing New Zealand, Department of Correction Opus and GHD.

With a proven track record of leading and overseeing multiple successful projects that vary in size, Paul has the ability to recognise and appreciate each stakeholder's requirement in any given construction project, leading to successful and valuable outcomes. With a high level of intellect, Paul strives to continuously absorb new information to increase his level of expertise to continue providing the highest level of commitment and service to his clients.

Zane Shrosbree - Director

Zane is a very motivated & competent Quantity Surveyor with several years' experience in both New Zealand and South Africa.

Having worked with several high-profile clients, Zane ensures his clients understand their project costs and risk items which allows for a smooth and seamless transition in completing the project in line with the project budget.

Being proactive in his approach, he identifies any significant issues or opportunities that will avoid potential delays, disruption, or abortive costs through the early stages of the project. He provides valuable advice on matters such as construction systems and standards of finishes in order to reduce costs, should that be required.

Zane's extensive experience across projects of various sizes and stages - from large infrastructure projects, seismic & major refurbishments, residential developments, through to the development of large-scale commercial projects, such as warehouses, schools and supermarkets makes him well suited for any new clients proposed developments.

Outside of work, Zane plays Premier League hockey and a big follower of all sports. Zane enjoys the outdoors and tries to gets out of the city on every opportunity that presents itself.

Tamara Fenton - Senior Quantity Surveyor

Tamara has been with DMP almost a year and has become a key team member.

She is a competent and reliable Quantity Surveyor working across several sectors within New Zealand, with experience in large scale and smaller commercial projects.

Tamara has continued positive relationships with all clients and provides quality deliverables and excellent services.

McInnes Taljaard - Senior Quantity Surveyor

McInnes adds several years of local industry Quantity Surveying experience to the team.

Having worked both as a main contractor and professional QS, McInnes is able to apply a broad range of knowledge and understanding to a wide range of projects. This allows him to readily identify and effectively communicate any potential financial opportunities or issues which may arise during any stage of the project. He is also able to provide clients with pragmatic cost advice in order to ensure that any financial project risks are minimized. McInnes also has a strong track record of identifying, negotiating and achieving considerable savings while maintaining strong and positive relationships.

McInnes' experience ranges across projects of various sizes and stages - these include significant remedial projects, medium and large scale new residential developments, seismic upgrades and refurbishments as well as sizable commercial projects such as wastewater treatment plants, warehouses and distribution centres.

Outside of the office you will most likely find McInnes enjoying the great outdoors, particularly on a hiking trail, on the boat fishing or on the snowboarding.

Since joining Dean, Murray and Partners McInnes has been given the exciting opportunity to work on several large-scale Foodstuffs distribution centres which are located across New Zealand including locations as far north as Whangarei and as far south as Wellington.

Nathan Shrosbree - Quantity Surveyor

Nathan is the newest member to join our team. He has gained experience in several different construction projects during his career, both in South Africa and New Zealand, with large focus on scheduling.

He is an ambitious Quantity Surveyor who really enjoys getting "stuck in". Nathan ensures his projects are up to date from a cost perspective and his clients are always aware of the projects financial position. Nathan will add great value to any project he is involved in.

Outside of work Nathan enjoys playing hockey and soccer and loves to participate in most sports, given the opportunity.

Tilo Seltner-Jones - Graduate Quantity Surveyor

Tilo is the youngest member of our team who has just completed his studies at Massey University, often referred to as our Graduate!

Tilo has worked alongside Zane for the past year and consistently performs all tasks to the best of his ability. Tilo is always keen to be given as much responsibility as possible and always looking to master new skills.

Outside of work, Tilo represents the Auckland region in field hockey, and plays alongside Zane most weekends of the year.

Glenn Brown - Contractor

Glenn is a highly knowledgeable and reputable Director of a successful Quantity Surveying Company, Brown Project Services. With over 38 years' experience in Quantity Surveying and using Quantity Surveying principles, he has a proven track record of successfully completing and overseeing a number of successful complex projects that range in scope and Size.

One of the most recognisable projects that Glenn completed was the Museum of New Zealand, the largest construction project in a decade, where Glenn developed the cost plan for the entire project. Eight years later, this element of the Museum was completed within that original cost plan.

Glenn places a high focus on realistic and professional service, ensuring that clients projects are completed to the highest standards. Glenn's multiple skills have allowed him to follow projects from the initial feasibility stage through to the planning stage where his cost planning and project management skills have been employed, to full implementation of the construction phase.

Glenn is a trustworthy and recognised Quantity Surveying professional, who ensures that his values and knowledge is reflected throughout his own company. Glenn values open and honest communication between stakeholders and ensures to regularly discuss all project costs to ensure a robust and realistic budget is established, reflecting client's requirements. Having had experience in a range of industry sectors, from commercial development projects to government sector clients, Glenn's knowledge coupled with his morals and soft skills, will always provide the highest service, no matter the project scope.

Warren Hendry - Consultant

Warren is a valued and knowledgeable Director, who has a career focussed on Quantity Surveying for both small local projects and large international projects. With specialist skills managing complex projects in relation to upgrading and refurbishment, Warren has high attention to detail and wide knowledge of Quantity Surveying and people management principals which has led to the completion of multiple successful construction projects. With over 40 years working in the construction industry, Warren is a trusted and valuable consultant who can give expert advice to clients and stakeholders and uses his extensive knowledge to conduct accurate feasibility studies, negotiate mutually beneficial outcomes, and can oversee projects with high attention to detail from start to completion.

Warren has specialist skills managing projects for a range of industries, including the design and construction for educational and commercial buildings. With various transferable skills, Warren is a professional and technical individual who obtains both soft and hard skills. Having impeccable interpersonal and relationship building skills, he can analyse situations well to ensure projects are reviewed periodically and completed to the highest of standards.