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Dean Mackenzie’s meteoric success as a photographer has been fuelled by passion, hard work, and good coffee. A self-taught photographer, Dean discovered image-making as a traveller, eager to capture his experiences. Some of his very first images - documenting his skiing and rock climbing adventures in North America, Spain and Asia – ended up as posters for an international outdoor clothing brand. Dean started his photography career in earnest, he was awarded Epson NZ Photographer of the Year (2007). Dean has earned a masters of photography from the NZIPP and the talents of this quickly rising star are in demand for a huge variety of assignments – from editorial to advertising as well as fashion, music and outdoor adventure. A master of the digital era, Dean uses Photoshop as his dark room. His signature style is cinematic, moody and rich with hyper-realism. People are his specialty. Dean’s disarming personality, quick wit and down-to-earth nature put his subjects at ease. When he’s not behind the camera, Dean will usually be found telling jokes from behind his flat white or his pinot noir.

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